Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The Royal Mint New Sir Isaac Newton 50p

The Royal Mint are confident that 375 50p pieces are going to be circulating around the country after they have been released at Woolsthorpe Manor, Sir Isaac Newton's home in Lincolnshire. Managed by the National Trust customers may receive the beautiful coin in change.

Now you know that these coins are going to appear on Ebay for many times more than 50p. But they have been created to celebrate 375 years of his birth. And Newton was also Master of The Royal Mint so a fitting tribute to the great man.

A gold proof, silver proof, silver proof piedfort and uncirculated 50p coins are also available at The Royal Mint celebrating Newton.

The Royal Mint Sir Isaac Newton 50p Collection From £10.00 - £760 at The Royal Mint

And amazingly without Newton there would be no Frozen. No flying high defying gravity, so let's celebrate the great man's contribution to science and to Disney.

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