Saturday, 16 September 2017

Mother! Film Review

One of the most widely anticipated movies this year, Mother! directed by Darren Aronofsky opened yesterday. Hinted at being a Rosemary's Baby style film, that was way off the mark. I'm sure you've already read reviews of the film so I'll give you my thoughts. We start with a young woman burning in a house fire (will she be reincarnated I wonder), and a crystal being saved from the flames.

Now imagine the same house is now an idyllic home, miles from anywhere with a beautiful young wife, mother played by Jennifer Lawrence, and world famous poet/creator Him, played by Javier Bardem (perfect casting). She keeps house and is redecorating after the huge fire before her time, while he is looking for inspiration for his next work. Into their idyll comes Ed Harris billed as man. A surgeon invited to stay by Him, much to mother's surprise. Clearly ill, with smoking maybe?, man disregards mother's request not to smoke indoors. And then after a particularly disruptive night his wife turns up. Michelle Pfeiffer as woman. No expense has been spared in naming these characters!

I'm now expecting Ed Harris to be the Satanic Priest and Michelle Pfeiffer as the Satanic Midwife at this point. But these two were like naughty children, and the uninvited guests from Hell, with expressive PDA and enthusiastic sex. I am gobsmacked by this time as I watch mother's reactions to all this going on in her beautiful home. Wife was very nosy, doing their washing and questioning mother as to whether she will have children with Him. Not if you wear these knickers dear. Together man and woman break the very precious crystal in Him's study, and just as mother attempts to kick them out, their two sons turn up. Domhnall Gleeson and real life brother Brian Gleeson playing younger and older son. A fight breaks out between them regarding their parents will (?), and one of them is killed. Cain and Abel? Him takes everyone to the hospital leaving mother cleaning the mess, while the blood seeps into the basement revealing a blocked up room. Where is this film leading to I wonder? At this point I have Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden with Cain and Abel, but I'm still waiting for the big reveal of Satan.

Cain returns briefly but then let's imagine he starts a-life a-wandering as the good book describes. And then just as mother phones the police, Him arrives with a houseful of mourners. Considering man had nowhere to stay when he arrives they sure have a lot of friends wanting to mourn. But these are the weirdest mourners ever, with Get Out's Daniel Kaluuya and friends wanting to decorate the house, as your mourners normally do. Woman even reprimands mother, who has just been cleaning blood off the floor, to show some respect by dressing more appropriately. But Him is the life and soul, giving a eulogy for a man he doesn't know, but eventually things get out of hand and the mourners leave. Thanks be to God.

Mother is upset that Him left her, the house is a disaster and how are they ever going to have a child if he never makes love to her... But they are fired up together and next morning a wondrous event has occurred and mother is pregnant. Him is suddenly free of his writer's block, and over the pregnancy writes a one page masterpiece that when mother reads it, understands everything. As do his followers and publisher played by Kristen Wiig as a demented herald.

Now we get really weird as Him's fans descend on the home. I wondered whether mother is Mary. We don't know what Mary felt when she had unknown shepherds and Wise Men descending on her little home. And mother wants to protect her unborn child. But the fans keep coming and then well I thought we had stumbled into another film. We have characters such as the good samaritan, whoremonger, slavedriver, thief, plunderer and philanderer to give you an idea of where we are. Beirut, Lebanon, Jerusalem in the middle of a warzone? And in the middle of this war torn landscape a child is born. A male child that mother clings to and will not give to Him to hold and show to his followers. But she falls asleep and when she awakes her son is gone.

We stagger to the final conclusion in horror. Unusually like A Cure For Wellness, the film is an 18, and although not scary horror it is an indescribable horror. And like when I reviewed A Cure For Wellness, very left of field. But you can discover it for yourself.

I don't actually know if this is what Darren Aronofsky really directed or whether it was just my interpretation. Even Ed Harris and Javie Bardem didn't really know what they were acting. Michelle Preiffer said she played her woman as sexy like Eve maybe did in the Garden of Eden.

And amazingly my thoughts were almost correct in the first scene, but wow was the journey a trip. Mother adds golden powder to water to drink that seem to stop her hallucinations. I think I'm still having mine.

It was an amazing film and I preferred it to Black Swan which I did not enjoy. Peeling skin from fingers etc. This was a masterpiece.

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