Thursday, 7 September 2017

Logan Lucky Film Review

I saw Logan Lucky earlier this week. An ensemble NASCAR heist set in West Virginia, and directed by Steven Soderbergh, but without the airbrushed Ocean's 11-13 crew. The movie may be clad in dungarees but it's slick and laugh out loud funny.

Laid off due to a pre-existing leg injury, Channing Tatum's Jimmy Logan, an ex-high school football star, catches up with bartender brother Clyde, played by the fabulous Adam Driver. He himself was invalided out of the army after losing a hand and forearm. Together they make a whole man says Seth MacFarlane's crass businessman. Jimmy now needs money to see his daughter after ex-wife Katie Holmes tells him she's moving her across the state line with her new husband. And he has a plan he tells Clyde.

His job was working in construction at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, with a birds eye view of where the takings are stored. He needs Clyde and a safecracker called Joe Bang. Daniel Craig in a delicious role as an incarcerated John Paul Gaultier styled criminal, with 5 months left to go. But he is in-car-cer-rated. Now the Logans have always had a bad run with luck. But maybe this time they can get lucky. And fortunately Clyde gets banged up for 90 days with Joe. Luck does indeed turn on a dime.

Joe is interested, but wants his dim witted brothers in on the job, played by the hilarious Brian Gleeson and Jack Quaid, and they are just dim witted enough that the heist might work. And what an audacious plan it is. With sister Mellie, played by Riley Keough and her beautician and driving skills, the plan is carried out with crack timing.

And when the FBI arrive led by Hilary Swank, the story's watertight. But she's not giving up in Soderbergh Ocean style. And gleefully even Seth MacFarlane gets his nose put out of joint.

A classic caper, Steven Soderbergh is back and I loved it.

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