Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Kingsman: The Golden Circle Film Review

I saw Kingsman: The Golden Circle, directed by Matthew Vaughn and starring Taron Egerton, Colin Firth and Mark Strong, along with a host of Oscar winning actors. What a treat was in store. And oh dear it's not often that films disappoint me, but this is one.

Of course its not all bad. The action scenes with Taron Egerton's Eggsy in London are fast paced and brilliant. Mark Strong as Merlin is terrific as usual and you have to wonder how this film could have got it so wrong. But I'm afraid that Julianne Moore's character Poppy was dreadful. The world's most successful drug lord who cannot enjoy her success. While we all kill ourselves with alcohol and smoking she has to hide out in her own Poppy Land 50's theme park with robot dogs. And a kidnapped Elton John, for yes the great man himself hammed it up for art. And you know what I hope that they had a whale of a time making the film.

Poppy has got involved with a Kingsman reject Charlie, played by Edward Holcroft, who we met in the first film. And after his robotic arm (left in the cab from the first scenes), infiltrates the Kingsman network, and Poppy's Golden Circle blows everyone up, only Eggsy and Merlin are left.

A trip across the pond to meet their Kentucky whiskey making cousins, The Statesmen follows. I loved the Pedro Pascal character Agent Whiskey. Channing Tatum was lucky after all when his Agent Tequila ends up in the deep freeze for most of the movie. Jeff Bridges is Agent Champagne (Champ of course!) and Halle Berry preserves some of her dignity keeping indoors as Ginger Ale.

Poor Poppy Delevingne like her role in King Arthur again doesn't make it to the end credits. She looks good in Agent Provocateur lingerie, but as Charlie's girlfriend has to suffer the indignity of Eggsy implanting an internal tracker into her. I should stick to modelling lingerie if this is the sort of acting jobs she gets offered.

Emily Watson, although a recreational drug user, and so deserving of the punishment Julianne's mad opium Poppy has come up with if the POTUS doesn't legalise her drug products, like Halle managed to salvage some dignity when Bruce Greenwood's President goes down.

And of course Colin Firth returns as a lepidopterist who fortunately still has the memory of his dog Mr Pickles.

If I was disappointed over the silliness of Julianne Moore's character and the scenes around her, the action scenes almost made up for it and I'm sure the film will be a huge success.

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