Saturday, 9 September 2017

Jeremy Scott NYFW Ready-to-Wear S/S 2018

A show of greatest hits from 20 years at Jeremy Scott last night in New York. Including a runway of greatest model hits. Gigi looked incredible. So beautiful. And amazingly looking at the pieces was the breadth of Jeremy's work. And also how very prescient of him to talk about fashion like the cinema was to people in the Depression, shiny and magical while the world was in turmoil. We'll still buy a lipstick but we can also smile at the Spongebob, Bash Street Boys style,while taking a shine to the dayglo glitter and sequins. Loved the jewel pieces. And it's not difficult to see why he was chosen to lead Moschino. Which bizarrely now given Moschino's history, must be Jeremy all grown up because his own label is most definitely for the kids. With bodycon, snakeskin and camouflage there's nowhere to hide in these killer designs.

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