Friday, 29 September 2017

Home Again Film Review

I saw Home Again today, a fun rom-com written and directed by Hallie Meyers-Shyer, and starring Reese Witherspoon. With a just so perfect LA tale of an Interior Designer in her bright hacienda home, an Oscar winning father and actress mother, a music mogul husband and two adorable poppets.

Except life sometimes doesn't work out and Reese's Alice has hit 40, her marriage has crumbled and she's just moved back home from New York. Of course there could be worse problems, because home is the aforementioned beautiful LA hacienda with guest house and pool. The film liberally borrows from Nora Ephron, as all romantic comedies must do, and tag-team Mum Nancy Meyers, who gets second billing. But it throws a new angle on the traditional rom-com, adding in three handsome, homeless (and love struck) young moviemakers.

Alice's girls are played by the photogenic Lola Flanery as eldest Isabel, and cherubic Eden Grace Redfield as Rosie. I loved Lola's Charlie Brown and Lucy depressive style, she'll go far.

Celebrating her birthday, Alice moves the party back to her house while the girls are having a sleepover at glamorous granny Lillians, played by Candice Bergen. Who just happens to be the actress who starred in the films of Alice's father. Their hero! And of course our young filmmakers are awestruck when they meet her, and she proceeds to make them breakfast. Lillian does the maths and suggests that Alice lend the young turks her guest house, as they are of course impossibly cute.

Jon Rudnitsky's George is the scriptwriter, Nat Wolff's Teddy is the actor, and Pico Alexander is Harry, the director of their film, which they hope to get financing for. And of course one thing leads to another and suddenly Alice has three at home childminders, in-house IT support, and of course sex with a young and handsome man.

Meanwhile still married husband, (we should be so lucky), Michael Sheen back in New York, although loving his new found freedom, is concerned his daughters are living in such close proximity to three young men. But they love it and everything in the hacienda is rosy, and they all live happily ever after.

Which is not too far from the truth because although we might have a few punches thrown, and terrible dates along the way, the film is sweet and gentle and makes you smile with it's generous laughter.

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