Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Gucci Milan Fashion Week Ready-to-Wear S/S 2018

Alessandro Michele for S/S 2018 showed a let's say, eclectic collection for Gucci at the opening of Milan Fashion Week today. With his homage to Wes Anderson, vibes of Margot and a host of themes in his pick and mix collection. Let's start with Andrew Cavendish and his Never Marry A Mitford. Which he did and had the sweater to prove it. And our languid Mitford Gucci beauty wears her sparkly sequinned gowns with her clashing woollen stockings. I love Snow White and she's definitely with the band. But where are they? Cuba, Shanghai or still in the 70's with Charlie's Angel and Farrah? There was much to like in the collection and pieces that to be honest I shuddered at. But lets not pretend mere folk are going to wear these fashion pieces. But they are going to be dissected and reimagined and they will be hitting the streets in some form or another. Alessandro has some sort of genius that has taken fashion, turned it on it's head and served it back to us with a slice of avocado. Life may be aquatic but by god its never boring.


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