Friday, 22 September 2017

American Assassin Film Review

Catching up on my posts I saw American Assassin earlier this week, directed by Michael Cuesta, and based on the series of books by Vince Flynn. The very attractive Maze Runner Dylan O'Brien stars as Mitch Rapp, whose life changes forever when his fiancee is killed in a mass shooting on a beach in Tunisia. And the gunman's face is forever imprinted on his brain.

He drops out of school and builds his body and mind to take on the Muslim fighters who stole his life. But his interaction with Islamic cells has him on the watch list at the CIA, and when he makes contact with them in Libya he is followed, the cell is taken out and Mitch is debriefed back in the USA.

Sanaa Lathan and David Suchet at Langley have been putting a team together called 'Orion', and they think that Mitch has the skills and mindset they are looking for. Meanwhile weapons grade plutonium has been stolen in Russia, the Iranians are suspected, but they are double crossed and the plutonium melts into the crowd.

Michael Keaton plays Stan Hurley who runs Orion. An ex-Navy Seal not big on sympathy. If you're made you're on your own. You're a ghost and we're not coming back for you. And when Stan sees the images of the plutonium deal he knows that it's his ghost back from the dead. A rogue ex-CIA operative from Orion played by lovely Taylor Kitsch. A team is put together by Hurley and they fly out to Istanbul to intercept the Ghost and nuclear buyer. It does not go as planned and we're off chasing the bomb to Rome.

With an 18 certificate expect some tough love, violence and torture, such as fingernail pulling. Unusually for this type of movie I even shed a few tears. With the US Navy Sixth Fleet at sea near Rome, a rogue nuclear bomb and a pissed-off trained killer, there is potential for a disaster, so who can blame me.

The film has been out a week now and I thought the ensemble team worked very well, it was entertaining, fast paced and I would definitely watch more Mitch Rapp and Stan Hurley.

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