Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Steiff Noah's Ark Limited Edition Collection

I was going to wait until nearer Christmas to introduce the Steiff Noah's Ark but I love Noah's Ark toys and I don't want you to miss out on this fantastic collection. There are only 500 Arks available for adult collectors only.
The collection comes in four sets with the first set including the Ark, Teddy Noah, Mrs Noah and two elephants.
The pine stained Ark 610 mm long, 260 mm high, 270 mm wide. Teddy Noah and his wife are made of high quality, beige  mohair,  stand  12 cm tall. Noah is wearing a cotton coat with a satin trim and velvet-like waistcoat and Mrs Noah is in a cotton dress with a satin trim and veil. The two mohair elephants are 15 cm in size.

Steiff Noah's Ark Set Part 1. $675.00 at Steiff US.

The second set includes two zebras, 14 and 15 cm in size, and two giraffes, 20 and 21 cm in size.
All four animals are made of the finest printed mohair, and are characterised by extensive  airbrushed effects and different materials. One of the zebras has a black and the other a white mane; one of the giraffes is cream and the other beige. The horns and ears are made of painted felt.

Steiff Noah's Ark Animal Set Part 2. $450.00 at Steiff USA.

Part 3 includes two gorillas made of light and dark brown mohair with cheerful little details such as the tiny ears, paws and feet in felt. They stand 14 and 16 cm tall. The tigers are made of cream printed mohair, and are 13 and 14 cm in size, with cute little pink embroidered noses. Elaborate shading completes their perfect make-up.
Steiff Noah's Ark Animal Set Part 3. $450.00 at Steiff USA.

The final Noah's Ark set includes lions, dromedaries, alligators and a pair of doves.
The lions pair include a running lion (14 cm) and a sitting lioness (10 cm). The two dromedaries in different colours are 13 and 14 cm tall, and the two crocodiles in light and dark green are 18 and 19 cm. All made of finest mohair with airbrushed details and hand embroidery.

The tiny 9cm mohair doves complete the collection.
Steiff Noah's Ark Animal Set Part 4. $575.00 at Steiff USA.

The Ark is deliverable now, part 2 December 2017, part 3 June 2018 and part 4 December 2018.

An amazing set sure to take pride of place in the family heirlooms.

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