Saturday, 19 August 2017

Mercedes V8 Bi Turbo GTR Coupe

Taking the SLC for its first service yesterday, on the garage forecourt was the Mercedes V8 Bi Turbo GT R Coupe, doing a tour prior to the new September plates. And it is very beautiful. And very comfortable. And very throaty.

Built individually by one engineer per car.

Obviously go for all black stitching on the seats that really hug you in. The alcantara and leather is so soft. You'll find yourself just stroking it and listening to that purr.

Set in race mode it's a thrill a minute ride with thoroughbred looks. Two £170k roadster cars waiting in the garage ready for the new plates were pre-ordered from original photos. One was bought as an investment to be kept in their garage. An awful waste of such a beautiful car but financially savvy as it will only increase in value.

Mercedes V8 Bi Turbo GTR Coupe. From £98,760 - £139,000 (for the above) at Mercedes.

Also available on contract hire.

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