Thursday, 17 August 2017

Lancome Olympia Le-Tan Olympia's Wonderland Limited Edition Make-up Palette

Inside Olympia Le-Tans magical shop she sells the most beautiful handmade handbags disguised as books. Readers will remember her Disney collection was a dream. And now Olympia has designed a handbag that is disguised as a book for Lancome that is actually a make-up palette. Filled with limited edition eye, lip and cheek colours.

How's that for great swatching Kim??

Inside the bag is filled with:

For starlet eyes, four eyeshadows combine to create a plum-coloured smoky eye with metallic glints: Gris Argent 1988, a glittery steel colour, Brun Nacré 1965, a slightly iridescent taupe, Paradis 1956, a deep burgundy, and Nommé Désir 1971, a muted white.

And for the cheeks – well, of course it’s got to be pink! A blusher, embossed with a ribbon motif taken from a 1950s Lancôme powder compact, disperses its hot pink pigments across the skin to create the glowing, gentle flush of a modern-day baby doll... Irresistible!

For the lips: a universal colour-fixative base is overlaid with four lip powders. And the shades? The cold violet of Rouge de Rose 1955, The vintage rose Couture 1962, the cherry of Anémone 1959, and the flamboyant red…Olympia 1980, a genuine beauty and style statement. Naturally.

Currently the palette is only available in Canada but will be coming to the UK and USA soon.

Lancome Olympia Le-Tan Olympia's Wonderland Limited Edition Make-up Palette.

$100.00 at Lancome Canada.

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