Monday, 21 August 2017

Kent Port Lympne Safari Park

While it's nice to feel the African soil under your feet on safari, I have to admit Kent Port Lympne Safari Park, in Kent!, is much closer.

With 700 animals over a 600 acre site there's room for lions and tigers and bears. In Kent of all places. With beautiful graceful giraffes, gorillas, zebras, wolves and a herd of black rhinos among many others. And you can actually stay on site.

Accommodation is available at the Treehouse Hotel, Giraffe Lodge, in the tiger enclosure at Tiger Lodge, Hog Deer Creek with deer walking past the door and Rhino Lodge with it's rather unusual neighbours among others

What about these views.

You'll never believe this is Kent when you take a dusk safari.

So whether it's David Cameron style shepherds huts, pod glamping, 4star hotels, lodges or cottage, you really can talk to the animals and enjoy feeding them after the day trippers have gone home.

Make the last days of the school holidays something really special.

Kent Port Lympne Safari Park. From £99 a night.

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