Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Halloween Horror At Hinchingbrooke House Cambridgeshire

IT promises to be a scary time at Hinchingbrooke House over this year's Halloween week.

Firstly my apologies to those who aren't clown fans!! The event takes place over October 21 - 28 at Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

The site of an old convent and said to be haunted by a nun, and you know how much we love them! With her executed monk lover, a cavalier and floating phantom woman.

The most famous characters from the horror genre come to life within the confides of the house to produce a unique, terrifying venture where you are the victim.

Experience pure adrenaline and terror as you journey through dark rooms, forests and hedge mazes being hunted by axe wielding freaks, chainsaw maniacs, killer clowns, demonic creatures and more!

A theatrical setting arranged into 18 sets and with around 45 actors lurking in the darkness. This, combined with a wide selection of sound and lighting FX help to create an absolutely terrifying experience

A truly extraordinary experience in which groups of around 8-12 people embark on a terrifying journey, without any guide, through a labyrinth of hair-raising shocks and surprises.

With a BRAND NEW MAZE every year so you can come back year after year and always enjoy a new experience!

Halloween Horror At Hitchingbrooke House Cambridgeshire. Tickets from £19.50.

Last year sold out. You have been warned!

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