Monday, 7 August 2017

Girls Trip Film Review

Saw some black girl magic today with Girls Trip. Directed by Malcolm D. Lee, four gorgeous girls have let the time slide between their get togethers and they need some serious us time.

So when Regina Hall’s Ryan Pierce is keynote speaker at the New Orleans Essence Festival for the black lifestyle, she wants the Flossy Posse back together for a weekend of hell-raising. Ryan with husband Stewart, played by buff Ryan Colter, are the perfect couple, the darlings of social media, and image is everything in their perfect lives. Burying bad press as long as the photos look good. Not those photos!

I loved mumsy Jada Pinkett Smith's transformation into a hot wanton woman, and she really hits her mark when she does a Victoria Beckham on the zip-wire. Queen Latifah was stunning and broke, and wild girl Tiffany Haddish sure can give a masterclass in giving a man a good time. Have you tried it grapefruit style? Like a doughnut but oh so juicy. With plenty of squirt!

These girls were shaking their booty with the youngsters, and having fun with the green fairy. And even Mariah Carey was strutting her stuff.

Hidden Figures it was not!

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