Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Dubai Floating Seahorse Signature Edition Villas

If God made the blue whale, then just as a bit of fun for him/herself he also made the seahorse. That gorgeous little sea creature. And seahorses are the theme of the latest Dubai resort in The Heart of Europe holiday edition. The new development just off the Dubai coast offers 4000 sq ft villas, with two floors above water level, and one below to give you aquarium style living. Sleeping eight adults and eight children across four living/sleeping areas. And while you're enjoying the view the cute little seahorses will hopefully be breeding all around you in their Arabian Gulf habitat.

You can choose the fixtures and fittings to suit. A refined cool style or Trump style bling. But the view is amazing.

Although as lovely as they look, you just cannot get away from the neighbours. That seem a lot closer here.

But if that's the lifestyle for you the villas will cost AED 12 million. Just over £2 million. Announced in 2015 they will be ready for living 2018. Imagine these when they go on Airbnb. Because they will surely be made available to rent.

Dubai Floating Seahorse Signature Edition Villas.

Although other images show the fish as not quite so colourful so the above may be photoshopped.

They look like they have a lot of potential.

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