Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Barbie Dolls, Dream Horse & Dog & Puppies Gift Set

A great value set from Barbie that includes new Barbie and her dream horse and another Barbie with dog and new born pups.

The dream horse can walk and turn 360 degrees, neigh and feed. With the first bunch of carrots included! He nuzzles Barbie and can nod yes and no. And plays music and dances to three songs. He's a very talented interactive horse.

The new born puppies and mum dog adds more play for Barbie with the puppies opening their eyes when washed. Including bath and water bottle.

Barbie Doll & Dream Horse. $99.99 at Barbie Mattel.

Barbie Dolls, Dream Horse & Dog & Puppies Gift Set.

Was $119.98. Now $107.99 at Barbie Mattel.

The Barbie Dream Horse is one of Christmas 2017's top toys for girls so this is a great opportunity to buy this fantastic gift set.

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