Monday, 14 August 2017

Annabelle: Creation Film Review

Number One at the box office Annabelle: Creation wants to be a real live doll in the latest film from The Conjuring series, directed by David F. Sandberg. Made with love by doll maker Samuel Mullins, played by Anthony LaPaglia, Annabelle wasn't inherently bad, but still she's no Pinocchio.

When their daughter Bee dies in a tragic accident, Mr and Mrs Mullins, played by Miranda Otto, open up their large home to orphans supervised by Sister Charlotte, played by the lovely Stephanie Sigman. She shows Mr Mullins a photo of her past with the previously unnoticed Demonic Nun of whom we are all terrified, photobombing the happy nuns. More to come of her next year when she gets her own big screen treatment.

At first the girls love the big old house and acres of space, but Janice played by little poppet Talitha Bateman, and Linda, Ouija: Origin of Evil's excellent Lulu Wilson, are too young to enjoy the talk of boys with the older girls, so are relegated to their own separate bedroom. One night Janice, who was struck down by polio, discovers someone wants to play by putting a message under the door, and Bee's bedroom door that must be kept locked opens for her. In the dolls house beside the mini doll of Busy Bee is a key in a cupboard, like the one in the room. And in this cupboard is Annabelle.

Janice is increasingly drawn to the room with Annabelle becoming more animated. Linda discovers her in there and Janice explains she is seeing the daughter's ghost.

Meanwhile reclusive Mrs Mullins stays in their apartment, but enjoys hearing the girls laughter. 12 years since Bee's death is a long enough time. But Janice explains to Sister Charlotte she feels a presence that is after her soul, and after another terrifying event Mr Mullins muses with his wife it was a bad idea to invite these young orphans to live there.

Set in the early 40's the period designs are terrific. The poor lighting, long white nightgowns, creaky floorboards and eerie shadows adding to the chills. And the finale brings us up to date with the 2014 Annabelle movie.

Memo to self do not follow instructions pushed under the door late at night and I really do not like rocking chairs. But otherwise the film was a pretty good prequel to Annabelle. Three more are planned in the series including The Demonic Nun mentioned earlier. She will be a scream.

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