Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Yuima Nakazato Paris Haute-Couture A/W 2017

Invited to show at the Couture A/W 2017 collections Yuima Nakazato came up with a very interesting new idea for haute couture. He said that he and his team have worked together on new technology that would design every type and shape of garment to be a precise fit to the wearer's figure. The 3D technique uses cotton, nylon and wool. And the designs he showed were created with digitally-cut squares of fabric. Rather than a fitting, the wearer is first scanned before numbered squares of digitally cut fabrics are riveted together to form a perfectly fitting piece.

"With this system we are now able to build all silhouettes imaginable. It is like creating a garment from a dress pattern but with even more flexibility." And "Mass customisation is possible because my team has removed the major constraint of using needles and thread," Nakazato said, explaining his "unit constructed textile" technique.

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