Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Valentino Paris Haute-Couture A/W 2017

You can almost smell the incense with Pierpaolo Piccioli's Valentino couture collection for A/W 2017. The Catholic simplicity of the day wear and the modesty of the evening wear, but in a couture style with thurible inspired bags. Long gone is the high voltage red glamour of Mr Valentino, and the new luxury is by stealth with it's immaculate stained glass embroidery and luxury fabrics. It was noticeable that Valentino was largely absent from the big event red carpets, with it's lack of naked wow for today's supermodels. I seem to remember seeing only two gowns. But not all of us attend such high profile events, and are looking for a more understated look that we can wear every day. The easy wear trousers, shirts and coats were lovely for day wear and the 9-5 should we be lucky enough to be able to afford couture. The evening wear left of centre with it's embroidered cassock and voluminous style gowns. Pierpaolo also created gowns of fine chiffon that dared the wearer to reveal more, but in good taste. I'm not sure whether being owned by the Qatar Royal Family inspires such modesty, but there is a huge worldwide market for it.

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