Thursday, 6 July 2017

The House Film Review

I saw The House Monday, directed by Andrew Jay Cohen with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler. A light hearted look at what your options are when you lose all your kid's college fund on the roulette table in Vegas.

But it wasn't Scott and Kate's fault. They were desperate after their local town withdrew the annual college scholarship that should have been their bright daughter Alex's, played by Ryan Simpkins. In favour of a lido with three pools.

Luckily neighbour Frank Theodorakis, played by Jason Mantzoukas, and Scott's BFF, comes up with the idea of a casino in his house. The House always wins! He's a compulsive gambler, has no furniture and the house is being repossessed, so what the hell. Let's make $500,000 to pay for Alex's school and Frank's mortgage.

Obviously it will go wrong. But along the way we have Fight Club, female wrestling, ala Glow. The new Netflix show. Minus the spandex and hair gel. Scott The Butcher and Kate The Burner. Don't mess with them. And Jeremy Renner a local criminal mastermind.

Slimy Councillor Bob, played by Nick Kroll, spent the town's money, (including the scholarship fund) on girlfriend and fellow councillor Dawn, played by Allison Tolman. And dead panning Officer Chandler played by Rob Huebel with his sleuthing skills.

It was laugh out loud funny in places and expectedly gross in others. Let's hope it works out for them because this college is going to be very expensive.

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