Saturday, 22 July 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming Film Review

The kids have just broken up and the number one thing you must do is go see Spider-man: Homecoming. Starring young Tom Holland as Spiderman who we met in Captain America: Civil War. It's a fantastic new version of the Spiderman series with a new Spider suit.

Directed by Jon Watts the film picks up after Civil War, (maybe watch it first if you haven't seen it already). Michael Keaton's gang get booted off the cleaning-up job when Tony Stark's company take over. He's not happy and keeps a piece of the alien hardware.

Meanwhile Peter Parker is back in high school, just hanging, and being a bit of a dork. Let's say he's on contract to Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark, and his mentor Happy Hogan is played by Ultimate Fighting Champion, the awesome Jon Favreau. Peter's so in lurve with cool girl Liz played by Laura Harrier and really wants to impress her. She likes Spidey! Peter wants to fight crime as Spiderman and he's just waiting for the call from Hoppy, but he's actually a bit of a screw up when he tries to do it himself and has to be rescued by Ironman.

Friend Ned played by Jacob Batalon you can see above is really, really impressed that Peter is Spiderman and is falling over himself to tell everyone. But to Marisa Tomei's Aunt May it's still a secret.

Peter managed to keep the weapon the criminals were trying to sell when Ironman had to save him and Peter and Ned imanage to unlock it's central power unit. And we find out they are enhanced weapons created by Michael Keaton's original gang way back. And he's now got himself a flying suit and is called Vulture. Birdman/Batman there's a pattern here.

As part of Peter's general dorkiness he is on the school Decathlon team. Not as we would know it as an Olympic sport, but a University Challenge style quiz. So is Liz. But he gets stuck in a truck when he has a chance of catching Falcon and his crew and misses the competition in D.C. And it turns out the central power unit he and Ned unlocked the other day is very dangerous and it's in Ned's bag, so he has to do some real Spiderman swinging to save him.

Back home in New York and still after Vulture and his gang, Peter seeks out the petty criminal involved in the original heist and webs him to find out information. A very impressive scene takes place on the Staten Island Ferry, with Ironman's help it doesn't sink! He is not amused with Peter and takes away his lovely suit.

Back in high school Peter has his Homecoming to go to. And let's just say it's a big surprise.

With fast and colourful action Spiderman was a blast. Tom Holland is so funny and fresh faced he's the perfect high school kid to take on the suit. And one of the dorks at school is some unknown called Zendaya. And let's just say she has a huge future ahead of her at Stark Industries.

I saw it when it opened earlier this month and you'll love it.

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