Thursday, 6 July 2017

Robert Tonner Annora Monet Strength Of Character Doll

Robert Tonner's doll Annora Monet is an artist in his new collection. And paints her face to suit her mood. And this doll has decided to paint her face doll like.

Annora is a 16" ball and joint doll with 19 points of articulation. Created in smaller numbers than Robert's previous collections and with much more detailed outfits and accessories.

Strength of Character Annora has a bleach blonde with ice blue eyes and she wears a ruched black dress with puff sleeves and knitted black long sleeves. With a diamante pinned sash and black lace choker and fabric flower headpiece. She wears suede look black boots.

Robert Tonner Annora Monet Strength Of Character Doll. $475.00 at Phyn & Aero.

Available to order now and shipping from end of July.

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