Thursday, 6 July 2017

Robert Tonner Annora Monet Doll

Robert Tonner's new doll company Phyn & Aero have made a great change in the style dolls that they make and Annora Monet is the first in the new collection. The new dolls are more finely dressed than his previous collections and available in smaller numbers.

New Annora is a 16" tall ball and joint doll made with 19 points of articulation.

Annora has a deep rose saran wig and dark brown eyes. She wears a ribbon camisole with shirring on the bodice with floral trim and matching bloomers in white cotton. With white lace tights and floral laced boots.

Robert Tonner Annora Monet Doll. $350.00 at Phyn & Aero.

Available to order now and shipping from end of July.

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