Thursday, 6 July 2017

Robert Tonner Annora Monet Doll She Persisted Outfit

Robert Tonner has created a new company to make a different type of doll to the ones we know him for. Annora Monet is his new doll and she is a 16" ball and joint doll with 19 points of articulation.

Created in smaller number than his usual dolls Robert intends to create more detailed clothes and accessories for the new dolls. This doll is the beautiful Annora Monet Deluxe Basic with two different heads and wigs.

She wears the new 'She Persisted' dotted peach net dress with black lace trim and sequins. Finishing the outfit with black lace tights and shiny black leather look ankle boots.

Robert Tonner Annora Monet Doll She Persisted Outfit. $75.00 at Phyn & Aero.

Available to order now and shipping from end of July.

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