Saturday, 1 July 2017

Baby Driver Film Review

In the driving seat with director Edgar Wright's Baby Driver hard down on the pedal. I saw it Wednesday and it's all screeching tyres and red hot brakes. And guns. And sweet first time love.

Ansel Elgort of the Divergent series is Baby. A good kid who made a mistake years ago and he's paying for it. He stole Kevin Spacey's 'business man' Doc's car, but so impressed was Doc with Baby's driving that he kept him on retainer. As the get-away driver for his roster of bank robbers. 

Because of a car crash that killed his parents Baby suffers from tinnitus so wears his ear buds and quite brilliantly choreographs his life to the beat. Think Staying Alive with John Travolta walking the walk. To the amusement and or discomfort of our bank robbers. The bank robber crazy gangs includes Jon Hamm as Buddy and girlfriend Darling played by gorgeous Eiza González. Jon Bernthal's Griff and Jamie Foxx as Bats. And they're all quick to anger! 

One more job and Baby is paid up to the relief of his foster parent Joseph. Sensitively played by deaf actor CJ Jones. And in between getting the call from Doc, Baby lives his life, recording conversations to remix into his driving, and eating Happy Meals at Bo's diner. Where his mother used to work when he was a kid, and there he meets lovely waitress Deborah. Played by sweet Cinderella Lily James

It's true love. The open road beckons in a car that isn't theirs. And the two young lovers like Bonnie and Clyde, might just have a future. 

But there are loose ends to tie up and life for the 'Mozart in a Go-Kart' is going to get serious. Even taking a regular job as the fastest pizza delivery in Atlanta. But the job that got him square with Doc wasn't really the last job and there's another big one to do. There's Miles of road to travel until Baby and Deborah arrive at their destination. 

Fantastic stunts and a very entertaining story. Jamie Foxx looked like he really enjoyed playing Bats and Jon Hamm the Wall Street psycho. And Kevin Spacey of course is always The Boss with a killer smile. 

Edgar Wright has created a visually stunning film. Completely different from his previous work. I wonder how he can top this. There is talk of Baby Driver 2 but I'll let you make your own mind up about that call. Don't get me wrong I want another but this was just so perfect it will go down as a classic.

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