Saturday, 10 June 2017

Wonder Woman Film Review

I'm late to the WW party after a golfing (and eating) break, but I finally caught Wonder Woman last Thursday. Directed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine. I originally posted a first look at the teaser trailer back in July, so we've had a long wait for the film.

We first meet Diana Prince in present day Paris in The Louvre's antiquity department, and receiving an original photo from Bruce Wayne of her from WW1. Familiar to those of us who saw BatmanSuperman last year. And one thing is certain, Wonder Woman is ageing very well.

For today's girls this is a fresh new Wonder Woman, and for those of us who remember the original tv series, it was great to see the origins of Wonder Woman, of where Diana Prince came from.

And what a story. Diana is the daughter of Amazonian Queen Hippolyta, played by Connie Nielsen, and niece to General Antiope, played by Robin Wright. Moulded from clay by her mother, Diana lives on the beautiful paradise island of Themyscira. Created by Zeus to keep the Amazonians safe from his war mongering son Ares. Thought to be dead, the Amazonian women still train for the fateful day when Ares may once again return. Among the warriors was one Doutzen Kroes. Although like most models her role was only decorative with lingering close-ups. Unexpected from a woman director. But Doutzen is one of the most beautiful girls on any planet so I don't blame her.

Into this alternative paradise comes the spluttering plane of WW1 pilot Steve Trevor, played by Pine. Followed by his German pursuers. The Amazonians take on the villains with the help of Steve. But Queen Hippolyta is unsure of him and his motives. Diana meanwhile is totally inspired and sees this as her opportunity for taking on Ares the God of War, and returns to London with him.

Lucy Davis was tremendous fun as Trevor's secretary Etta in London. And the always interesting David Thewlis playing a Minister committed to peace. He helps Steve and Diana find their way to the Western Front with Steve's group of brave misfits. Including fixer Sameer played by Saïd Taghmaoui, sniper Charlie played by Spud-u-like Ewen Bremner and The Chief played by Eugene Brave Rock.

I have to admit I found the film emotional in No Man's Land. We know so much about the horrors of that event in history but as we can see from the trailer Wonder Woman takes on the German gunners. If only we had had this female superhero and could have saved so many needless deaths.

But Diana is only committed to trying to stop Ares who we believe is General Erich Ludendorff, played by Danny Huston. He loves the bad guy roles and totally excels. With his chief chemist Dr Maru played by the usually beautiful Elena Anaya. A deadly combination.

What a blast the film was. I tried not to read anything about it before I saw it and thought it was terrific. Patty Jenkins must be so pleased with the result. Gal Gadot was perfect as Wonder Woman. Beautiful and incredibly fit. She like Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright was totally gorgeous and believable as Amazonian women. With the warriors played by real live sportswomen.

The whole team have created something really special with this film. But how sad that Warner Bros had so little faith in a movie helmed by a woman and also starring a woman.

You go girls.

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