Thursday, 29 June 2017

Transformers: The Last Knight Film Review

Director Michael Bay took me on a roller-coaster ride earlier this week watching Transformers: The Last Knight. With plenty of bang for your bucks, lots of colour, noise and some very smart cars.

There was so much action going on the screen was a riot and Michael liked to mix his myths and legends. Arthurian England was a long 1600 years ago, with Merlin a charlatan played by Stanley Tucci. A drunk, liar and womaniser. Merlin not lovely Stanley of course, who adds humour to the wizard. He is also friendly with the first Autobot Transformers on Earth. And it was with the help of these beings from out of space that Arthur kept the peace. Merlin held onto his magical staff even in death, given by the first Transformer and that only he and his descendants can wield. And now on present day Earth we need that magic more than ever.

The Earth is at war with the Transformers since Chicago went down, cue lots of Empire Strikes Back style gun fighters and space ships. And only Mark Wahlberg's Cade Yeager, is fighting their corner. New Transformers are constantly hitting the Earth and and one new but very old one has Cade picked out as his Last Knight. And the talisman he carried in his ship attaches itself to Cade. As does Izabella, played by Isabela Moner, an orphan with a cute autobot who is too damaged to transform.

Meanwhile Optimus Prime has travelled to his own planet Cybertron to meet his maker. And finds a mad machine called Quintessa who turns Optimus to The Dark Side. To save his own planet he must now destroy Earth, and Optimus happily goes along with this in his mind's transformed state. The showdown will happen at the site of our ancient peoples. Stonehenge itself. We know this because regal Anthony Hopkins' whole life's history as Sir Edmund Barton, has been as a Witwiccan, preserving the Transformers and Arthur's Knights of the Round Table secret history. And he also has a robot butler played by Downton butler Carson, Jim Carter of course, (no-one else can play a butler now), who has served 700 centuries of Lord Bartons. 

And Cybertron with Optimus Prime is still on it's way to destroy Earth in three days.

Meanwhile the Army have decided to allow the Transformers enemies, the Decepticons, led by Megatron, to find Cade and his little army of Transformers, so that they can get to the talisman, Jerrod Carmichael's a hoot as Cade's employee Jimmy.  But Cogman brings Cade and his Transformer Bumblebee to England after the battle. And at the same time Vivian Wembley, an Oxford polo playing, Arthur/Merlin denying professor, played by Victoria Beckham wearing Laura Haddock, is kidnapped/brought to his Lordship's castle by her Transformer car, to be told she is the last surviving relative of Merlin. And only she can wield the power of Merlin's staff.

And Cade and Vivien, two uneasy bedfellows, are all that stand between us and annihilation. With the showdown between the Transformers and Decepticons being orchestrated by the Army, led by Glenn Morshower's General Morshower, and Transformers' ally Josh Duhamel's Colonel William Lennox. Until they realise that Megatron is actually helping Quintessa destroy the Earth. Let's hope Optimus snaps out of it with the help of Bumblebee and the Transformer Knights of the Round Table.

Throw in Excalibar and we've got ourselves a party. Yes sir I can boogie and 147 minutes whizzed by. I thought it was a blast, a great popcorn movie and I'm sure fans loved it.

Laura looking gorgeous wearing an amazing Giambattista Valli dress at the China premiere.

The film is number 1 on the weekend box office for both the US and UK.

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