Monday, 26 June 2017

The Book Of Henry Film Review

What a strange and quirky movie The Book of Henry was by director Colin Trevorrow. Starring the lovely Naomi Watts as Susan, with Jaeden Lieberher as Henry her eldest, and Jacob Tremblay as youngest Peter. Both very special actors.

I had no idea what to expect from the film but Henry is a child genius loved by everyone. A financial whizz-kid who keeps gamer and waitress Mum, and brother, in the black with his share-dealing.

Sarah Silverman as Mum's friend Sheila was like a gorgeous Hollywood star from the 50's, in roadkill fashion. Henry's words not mine! Plus next door neighbour Christina played by Maddie Ziegler, trust me she's going to grow up a beauty, and step dad Glenn, played by Dean Norris.

I was settling down to a child genius style movie when bang, we're into sick to the bottom of your heart child molesting, the unbelievable sadness of the death of the hero, and then a voice from the grave directing how to commit the perfect, and necessary, murder. Throw into the mix the lovely, and single Dr Daniels, played by Lee Pace. Yum. And the movie was very special.

As a rule I wouldn't normally watch mawkish beautiful death movies, but it was way more than that, and I thought it was very sweet, funny and heart soaringly beautiful.

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