Monday, 12 June 2017

My Cousin Rachel Film Review

I saw My Cousin Rachel today, a fascinating gothic mystery directed by Roger Michell. The film is a lush re-telling of the Daphne du Maurier story and keeps you hooked, and not quite believing whether she did or didn't do it.

Sam Claflin plays orphan Philip whose guardian Ambrose in ill health travels to Florence for the sun. And there falls in love and marries a woman named Rachel, played by Rachel Weisz, just before he dies suddenly.

Is Rachel a femme fatale who captivates men with her eyes, draws them in and feigns interest with her tinkling laughter, and then poisons them. A hard nosed, modern business woman with her eyes on the prize. Does the twig soup help or hasten the invalid towards their end? Or a grieving widow whose widow's garb gives way to the lightness of a healthier future when wills are read. And is captivated Philip merely falling in love and being seduced by a woman of the world. Does she welcome him to her bed because she has fallen in love with this younger man, or is she playing on his innocence in matters of the heart. Rachel plays the role with an 'I dare you to believe' style and Sam the faithful spaniel.

Sterling support from Iain Glen and Holliday Grainger as Philip's caring godfather and sweet childhood friend. Along with Tim Barlow as Philip's funny servant and loveable Simon Russell Beale his lawyer. The cinematography by Mike Eley was beautiful and costumes by Dinah Collin gorgeous.

A terrific film that offers an alternative to the summer blockbusters. Sam Claflin and Rachel Weisz totally believable as the beautiful pair drawing you in to their story. Or their version of the story.

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