Saturday, 24 June 2017

Gifted Film Review

Catching up at the movies I caught Gifted yesterday, directed by Marc Webb, surely no pun intended there Marvel?, and starring Captain America's Chris Evans.

Chris plays Frank looking after Mary his niece. Played by pocket-size McKenna Grace, think Drew Barrymore circa ET, a very talented little 7 year old girl with a one-eyed cat called Fred. Neighbour Octavia Spencer's Roberta loves Mary, and life is good in the Florida sun. Except today when Mary is going to school for the first time, and doesn't want to.

Mary's maths ability far exceeds that of her teacher Bonnie, played by the lovely Jenny Slate. Weirdly I knew her voice from animated movies before I knew her. She recognises that Mary could be a gifted child, but Frank just wants her to have a normal life.

With a superb cast including as mentioned Octavia Spencer and Jenny Slate, with Lindsay Duncan as Mary's grandmother, Elizabeth Marvel as her head mistress and Glenn Plummer as Frank's lawyer, the film was such a beautiful little story. Who should decide what's best for Mary? Healthcare may trump everything.

If it's meant to tug at the heartstrings then it worked. The film is full of joy, fun and happiness. Chris Evans playing a role I haven't seen him in before. But still coming across as a handsome superhero. Gorgeous and incredibly loving towards Mary, and taking on his mother to give Mary a chance of a normal childhood. The scene with her birth father is priceless.

A very sweet little movie from Marc Webb that was a pleasure to watch.

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