Sunday, 11 June 2017

Frank Lloyd Wright Home For Sale In Minnesota

I'm a big fan and when a Frank Lloyd Wright home is offered for sale it's an exciting time. The prolific architect created amazing geometrical spaces that are at the end of the day family homes. And this one is no exception.

Built in 1960 in a Usonia style and for sale by the original owners, the house lies in the burbs not far from Minneapolis at 2206 Parklands Lane in St Louis Park. With three bedrooms, a cavernous grand living room, two bathrooms and lower floor family room. And I think as my friend in Minnesota would agree, this shot gives you the perfect idea of Minnesota. It snows. A lot! But the house takes full advantage of the light with it's vast windows and setting, as the home is set in 3.77 acres overlooking a meadow and nature reserve.

With 2647 sq ft the house is an architectural gem and includes all furniture and fittings. The bathrooms fittings could perhaps be upgraded. And I'm not so sure about the long stretch of seats that were classic of the great man. But with all the furniture and fittings being designed by him the house is amazing. A real time capsule.

2260 Parklands Lane Minnesota, Frank Lloyd Wright House For Sale.

$1.3million at Berg Larsen Group.

If you buy it I would love a tour.

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