Monday, 26 June 2017

Brooklyn Beckham 'What I See' Photography London Book Signing

Brooklyn Beckham's 'What I See' is published June 29 by Penguin and he is undertaking a book signing tour ending in London July 2, when Waterstones invite you to meet Brooklyn, have him sign your copy and have a photo taken with him.

This is an interesting image from the book as it riffs on the famous Grand Central Station scene from The Untouchables. Surely though it couldn't have been staged?

Brooklyn's book contains 300 photos showing what life is like in the Beckham household and what he sees around him. The photographs from the book will be exhibited from June 27 - July 7 at Christie's New Bond Street, and sponsored by Ralph Lauren.

There will be two signing sessions beginning at 12pm and then 2pm. The venue will be confirmed when the tickets are purchased.

£16.99 at Waterstones. Signed copies are also available from Waterstones.

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