Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Unlocked Film Review

I'm not sure whether it's because I see a lot of films, but when I see a film like Unlocked set in London it always feels like watching tv. In Unlocked the setting was familiar but the players had changed.

Noomi Rapace plays Alice, a traumatised CIA operative working undercover in the UK Benefits office. Titbits she finds out regarding any possible security leaks she feeds to Toni Collette's MI5 chief Emily, via her eyes and ears on the ground Amjad, played by cool guy Tosin Cole. With the threat of a Russian biological attack in London via Islamic radicals, Alice is brought back into the CIA fold to break the Islamic code passed on by a local Iman.

But she's being manipulated and it's difficult to work out at times who the villain is. There's a leak at Langley with CIA officers including Langley boss John Malkovich and London based Michael Douglas. Is Toni Collette the weak link in MI5? And is Orlando Bloom's battle hardened cockney burglar Jack, a player or a passenger in the non-stop action.

Noomi handles herself well and I've never seen Toni Collette as such an amazing looking fashion plate. She can handle a gun easily. But Orlando Bloom made a meal of his Cockney jack-the-lad accent. John Malkovich is always watchable in his laconic way. And Michael Douglas has form for this role. We're at that difficult time in the film year, in-between the summer blockbusters, but I felt that Unlocked directed by Michael Apted was a decent attempt at an action thriller.

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