Sunday, 14 May 2017

The Summer Crop Top Workout From Nicole Winhoffer

The Summer Crop Top Workout, or as I like to call it, the maybe put your backout workout. I think we all get to the age when we're ever so slightly past wearing a crop top. But still there's no harm in toning the abs up. And celebrity trainer Nicole Winhoffer has these four moves that the Victoria's Secret Angels follow. And you can see how great Martha Hunt looks below, so let's give it a go. Nicole suggests we try it twice a day for the best results.

First up is the Curtsy Cross.

You cross your left foot over your right knee and vice versa. Keeping your knees parallel to the ceiling. Repeat 50 times.

Next is the Diagonal Crossover Crunch. I suggest not going too hard at this exercise initially unless you're the age of a Victoria's Secret model.

Kneel with feet slightly wider than your knees and hands behind your head. Bend your right arm over to your right knee and then make a circular waist movement to the left side. Repeat 50 times.

Now for the Butterfly Crunch Opener.

Lie down with legs in a butterfly position and hands behind your head. Crunch and at the same time bring your knees together and move the feet out. Repeat 50 times.

And finally the move we all love but with a difference. A Stretch Press Plank.

In the down dog position but keep the core muscles engaged bend your knees to the floor but not touching and return to the start. Repeat 50 times.

Well done. Now relax into the child's pose.

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