Monday, 22 May 2017

Snatched Film Review

I caught Snatched directed by Jonathan Levine today. Amy Schumer plays Emily, an every woman who ends up with a non-refundable trip to Ecuador, after boyfriend Michael, played by Randall Park. dumps her. His band is hitting the big time and he's after a different kind of pussy, and lots of it.

So Emily goes home to Mum Linda, played by the gorgeous Goldie Hawn, and agoraphobic Klingon speaking brother Jeffrey, played by the funny Ike Barinholtz. Finding Linda's old photo album Emily persuades Mum to come along on the trip of a lifetime.

Emily gets hit on at the bar in their very nice hotel by handsome stranger James, played by Tom Bateman. And he shows her a good time, even inviting Mum along next day. But when they get carjacked it all goes horribly wrong.

I loved Goldie Hawn in the very funny Private Benjamin and Overboard, and Amy Schumer did a fine job in Trainwreck. I think they did their best on this movie, and there were some good moments, but there were too many stray boobs, and toilet humour that didn't really do it for me.

There were laughs of course, especially with intrepid explorer Roger, played by Christopher Meloni and holidaymakers Ruth and Barb, played by Wanda Sykes and the great Joan Cusack (tea, coffee, me?). But overall the talent among this impressive group of female comediennes could have been used better.

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