Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Sleepless Film Review

I saw Sleepless yesterday starring Jamie Foxx. A tricksy little thriller directed by Baran Bo Odar.

Jamie plays Vegas cop Vincent, on the make with partner Sean, played by T. I. Together they steal $25 worth of cocaine in a shoot out. But the coke belongs to Vegas casino owner Rubino, played by Dermot Mulroney. And he's done a deal with Scoot McNairy's Rob Novak, from a big crime family. And Rob's not happy at the deal going south with the loss of the coke. But he does have a great golf swing!

The lovely Michelle Monaghan's Bryant is Internal Affairs but got burned on her last job. She did everything by the book so she thinks someone tipped off the drug bust. She's in charge of the shoot out crime scene with partner Dennison, played by David Harbour.

When Vincent's son is kidnapped because of the missing coke, he has to get the stash back from Sean to take to Rubino's casino. But Bryant thinks Vincent was lying to her at the crime scene and follows him.

Somethings going down and there's a bad guy on the inside.

Ultimately it wasn't too difficult to guess the bad guy. But it was worth it to see Vincent's kick-ass wife, the flawless haired Gabrielle Union protect her family.

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