Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Miss Sloane Film Review

I caught Miss Sloane today, cleverly directed by John Madden. A cracking tale of the high power stakes at play among DC's powerful political lobbyists.

With Oscar buzz earlier this year, but eventually Jessica Chastain was overlooked for her sparkling performance.

Madeleine Elizabeth Sloane eats balls for breakfast, and if she doesn't get you at the beginning, she'll get you at the end. And we find her firstly defending her actions at a hearing with Senator Sperling, played by the incredibly talented John Lithgow.

In the twisty, shadowy world of the lobbyist she's the one with the best reputation. And the very powerful gun lobby come a calling. And they want her to reach out to women. Arm women to defend themselves. Well of course Elizabeth doesn't take their view and laughs Chuck Shamata's Sanford out of the room. Boss Sam Waterston's George Dupont does not take kindly to her rubbishing the very powerful lobby they've just managed to hook, and tells her to effectively get off her high horse and knuckle down. And as fate would have it that night she meets Mark Strong's principled Rodolfo Schmidt, at a meet and greet, whose batting for the other side. And Elizabeth who senses a challenge, and wants more than anything to win, takes his side in arguing for a Bill that advocates for more background checks for gun owners.

It's difficult for us here on the other side of the pond to understand the 2nd Amendment and the Right To Bear Arms, in a world that has moved on since 1791, but it's part of the US legislature, and Miss Sloane sees it ripe for challenge. I loved all the knotty legal points and it made me almost homesick for my law degree.

Well it's a fantastic ride through DC with the players making their moves on a chessboard choreographed beautifully. In Miss Sloane's corner are a young team including Esme Manucharian, played by the enigmatic Gugu Mbatha-Raw. And the witty Alex, played by Percy Jackson and Ouija alumni, Douglas Smith. But a formidable team are ranged against her in her old team including former BFF Jane, played by Midnight in Paris's, Alison Pill, and Michael Stuhlbarg's Connors.

The DC swamp is murky and neither side will stop at winning. And Elizabeth plays hard. Burning the candle at both ends. Popping pills to stay on top of the game and enjoying no strings attached sexual relations with Male Escort Forde, played by the ever so hunky, and discrete, Jake Lacy of Their Finest and Carol.

The film was completely convincing in a breathtaking way. Jessica costumed beautifully by Georgina Yarhi. Shod in stilettos including Louboutins, and a shout out to Victoria Beckham for her gorgeous dresses. Perhaps given the response to husband David's acting in King Arthur, (I'll post my review tomorrow), the Beckham Empire should concentrate their take-over of film, by fashion, and not David's acting ability.

And Jessica Chastain is a walking work of art. Beautiful and talented. I cannot speak too highly of this brilliantly clever movie, and like Amy Adams, that other talented gorgeous red head, with work like this, Jessica should be hugging her Oscar very soon.

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