Saturday, 20 May 2017

Is Less Heavy Exercise The Way To Lose Weight?

Lose weight, put on weight, lose weight, put on weight. It's sometimes seems like a never ending struggle to stay at a comfortable weight. Healthy eating and exercise is always the key. But Australian nutritionist Jessica Sepel suggests that too much heavy exercise can actually stop you losing weight. And instead suggests letting the body rest by throwing in a few yoga and pilates sessions along with the heavy lifting.

Jessica thinks it's all to do with cortisol levels and the body not being able to distinguish between exercise stress and normal stress. And with the high cortisol spikes the confused body then cannot burn fat.

Whether Jessica is correct or not, I think it's good for the body to rest with the relaxation of yoga and/or pilates added to a heavier exercise programme. Although I remember a girl on my degree ran for Scotland and said she could eat anything she wanted to as she used up so much energy. Although she only drank hot water (cold was too boring), and not tea or coffee. So there must be a line somewhere when you are doing that much exercise you needn't worry about what you eat. But maybe for us non-athletes, adding a few downward dogs and planks between spins will really help the body. And although alone yoga and pilates are never going to make you lose weight, they are fantastic for toning. And for a model's washboard style stomach, the plank is hard to beat.

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