Sunday, 21 May 2017

Chicago's First Nutella Cafe Opens 10am May 31

If there weren't enough reasons to visit the beautiful Michigan city of Chicago, Nutella have just added a thick rich chocolate one with the opening May 31 of their brand new cafe on189 N Michigan Avenue and Lake Street.

Nutella will be giving away "special surprises" for the first 400 people who show up. As if we could stay away.

The cafe is designed such that you feel like you are walking into a jar of Nutella. And while everything is Nutella themed there are savoury dishes on the menu, as well as the sweet stuff of dreams, that are inspired by the area of Northern Italy Nutella is made.

I love chocolate first thing and the Nutella croissant sounds the perfect thing for breakfast. But just remember to add in that run along North Avenue Beach.

Because taste like this doesn't come cheap on the waistline.

Doors open 10am sharp at Nutella.

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