Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Is Kylie Dating Prince Andrew?

What a lovely story this would be if it turned out to be true. Kylie the singer, not the Kardashian obviously, dating Prince Andrew. They both enjoy golf and the Queen is allegedly very happy about the relationship.

Kylie looks fabulous in a dress, obligatory for royal brides, and like Meghan Markle she actually has a career!!

Please let it be true. Kylie is a very special lady and deserves so much happiness.

We could even have a joint wedding for Harry and Andrew. Keeping costs down as in this new post Brexit, the UK will not be able to afford such pomp and circumstance.

They could be the personalities that the royal family is currently missing. William and Kate can be the stiff formal face of British royalty. And Meghan, Harry, Kylie and Andrew can be the fun side the UK urgently needs.

Here's hoping it's really true.

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