Saturday, 1 April 2017

Ghost In The Shell Film Review

I saw Ghost In The Shell Thursday with Scarlett Johannson as a cyborg soldier called Major and directed by Rupert Sanders. Set in a wired Japanese city of the future,with gorgeous Hong Kong skyline, the visuals of the film were fabulous. Incredible colours and beauty. With production design by Jan Roelfs. And shades of The Matrix but that's no bad thing. I haven't seen the original manga cartoon so for me the story was fresh and I had no preconceptions. Costumes by Kurt and Bart cleverly designed and perfect for the shoot.

Major was created by Hanka group as a cyber enhanced soldier with a human brain. And is currently attached to Section 9, a shadowy anti-terrorist government department run by Takeshi Kitano's Chief Aramaki. With a direct line to the Prime Minister. Major was originally taken as a refugee and rebuilt, or reborn, after being saved from a terrorist attack, and the watery grave where she nearly died. Juliette Binoche is the kindly Dr Ouelet who keeps her body in top condition. Unlike CEO Cutter played by Peter Ferdinando, who regards her as a weapon and the future of his company.

But someone is killing employees of Hanka, and Major and her team are on their trail. Major downloads herself to try to save a scientist, but a rogue geisha cyborg uploads his mind before the team can reach him. Pilou Asbæk, familiar to Danish tv followers, plays second in command Batou. Looking out for each other. And objecting when Major attempts to download information from the rogue geisha about who originally hacked her. With fabulous and clever design she gets the information but is pulled out by Batou when the hacker starts hacking Major herself. But she has enough information to locate the terrorist and the team attempt to capture him. With explosive results.

Of course the hacker played by Michael Pitt is not who we assume he is, with a history of his own and an explanation of why Major is having hallucinations. Glitches similar to The Matrix. There will be answers and retribution.

I enjoyed the film and from the credits I noticed that Scarlett had her own hair, make-up, personal chef and personal trainer. Not surprising of course and she looked incredible.

A good film to watch if you like kick-ass sci-fi with amazing designs.

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