Saturday, 1 April 2017

Free Fire Film Review

Let me tell you now that if you don't like gun fire then Free Fire directed by Ben Wheatley and exec produced by Martin Scorsese is not for you. But it's actually a very funny 70's set film in Boston between gun runners and IRA freedom fighters. And a deal that goes wrong.

Armie Hammer's smooth deal maker Ord and Brie Larson's Justine have brought together the two parties. Frank and Chris want to buy. Played by Michael Smiley and the chiselled cheekbone wonder Cillian Murphy. With the merchandise being supplied by watch and Ver(non), played by District 9's Sharlto Copley. And Martin, who used to be a black panther but it didn't work out, played by Babou Ceesay. Well that seems straightforward enough except Frank has brought his dim witted relative Stevo to do the heavy lifting. Played by Sam Riley who got into a fight last night over a girl. And his even dimmer friend Bernie, played by Enzo Cilenti.

Adding to the mix the guns are in a truck driven by Noah Taylor's Gordon and Jack Reynor's Harry.

Everyone's armed. What could possibly go wrong.

And who invited the shooters?

That's it. A 95 minute blast of John Denver with a terrific cast, wise cracks, shooting and more shooting in an old umbrella factory. How many bullets does it take to kill someone these days??

As I said if you don't like gun fire then Free Fire is not for you. But the rest of you will have a laugh out loud ball.

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