Monday, 17 April 2017

Eshechoc The Beauty Chocolate That Helps Prevent Ageing

Okay we just had our Easter chocs and we're all feeling completely mellow about that lovely chocolate taste. So good news that at the Cambridge Chocolate Technology (is this a real place and how do we get a job?!) they have created a chocolate that as well as that gorgeous feeling we get when we bite into the good stuff, also adds Astaxanthin. To help fight those nasty free radicals that steal our youth.

So chocolate that's good for us. But before we get too excited, the chocolate is called Esthechoc. The beauty chocolate. Anyone remember Mocolot? The Pilgrim Holiday chocolate. But Esthechoc is a designer made chocolate that tastes of dark chocolate and contains every usual chocolate ingredient. But with added Astaxanthin that means you need eat only 7.5g daily of Esthechoc. Compared to 100g of normal dark chocolate, to get the antioxidant hit. And that means less calories overall.

The chocolate has had good reviews with customers noting a decrease in wrinkles. One even said a deep wrinkle on her cheek had completely disappeared. So maybe it's worth a bite.

Esthechoc Chocolate. £42.50 at Cambridge Beauty Chocolate.

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