Saturday, 22 April 2017

Eric Pickles To Stand Down As MP

Eric Pickles, having decided that after almost 40 years of destroying the lives of UK residents, his work is almost done. And it's time to take the weight off his poor feet and retire. His main claims to fame being cutting the living standards of many. And increasing the property empires of others, with his Right-to-Buy extension. That has forced the many into renting for life. I think we all can understand that people cannot save for a deposit of their own, at today's savings rates?, when they're already paying some one else's mortgage.

He leaves Parliament as the Tories look forward to a massive electoral majority. Delivered by Labour's elite, ring-fencing themselves within the London bubble, and forgetting their supporters in the rest of the country probably weren't feeling the double digit growth they themselves were. Subsequently leaving current Labour with an inability to form an Opposition, even if they were up to it, as their voters left them for other parties who actually pretended to feel their pain.

Cashing in his bumper MP pension, Eric is I'm sure, looking forward to the bumper pay every day, in the badly in need of a streamline, or totally scrapped, House of Lords.

He would have helped the country more if he had made a stand about his obesity, and that of the country. Something we really could have all been in together. How that would have helped the NHS save money.

But sadly for the UK, wallowing in our melting land of lard, there's low calorie low taste JAM for some. And pickles dipped in gold for others.

Thanks for your service Eric.

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