Saturday, 1 April 2017

Clouds Architecture Office Analemma Tower Ultimate Living

A fascinating architecture project for those looking for skyscraper living at the edge of space.

Analemma Tower will be hung from a comet orbiting 31,068 miles above the planet’s surface. The images give you an idea of the relative height of this premier living property. The tower will be constructed over Dubai with it's experience of building tall buildings. And will return daily to it's original position within 24 hours. Making an overnight trip to the latest theatre show on Broadway or the West End perfectly possible. A little like The Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton when every week there was a new land at the top of the tree. This time there will be a new continent at the bottom of the tower across the day. You can see from the image the daredevil skydivers, but a transfer station will provide transport to Earth for those who prefer to travel more sedately.

The tower will take a daily orbital flight path that will travel in a figure of eight around Earth. Visiting New York and other major cities daily across the world. For the super rich the financial tax advantage of not being resident on Earth means of course no one jurisdiction can take a slice of your cash. So no need to bother with the cat and mouse game with the tax man ever again.

The Analemma Tower will be created in sections, with the floors closest to Earth being dedicated to entertainment, shopping and dining. Above that will be office space, while the middle compartments will be used for gardens and residential spaces. Feasibly the higher the floor you live on the more expensive the cost of the real estate. And given that the tower will be closer to Heaven there will be places of worship based on the top floor. Along with funeral parlour homes. I'm guessing the favourite way to leave this mortal life would be skywards in a blaze of firework glory.

The design plan uses space-based solar panels that will have constant exposure to sunlight, while fresh water will be captured from clouds and rainwater. An amazing place for scientists and designers to live and create more cities of the future.

And money does buy you time in this development because daylight will be 40 minutes longer at the top of the skyscraper than the bottom, due to the curvature of the Earth. 

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