Thursday, 16 March 2017

The Time Of Their Lives Film Review

I caught The Time Of Their Lives today, directed by Roger Goldby. Starring Joan Collins and Pauline Collins, escaping the UK to attend a funeral in the picturesque Ile de Ré. A light hearted movie that will be enjoyed by Shirley Valentine fans. With Joely Richardson as gorgeous as ever.

Joan's Helen is broke, living unhappily in an old people's home, and on a day trip to the seaside. While Pauline's Priscilla is a broken hearted mother still mourning the loss of a child 36 years later. And married to Ronald Pickup's Frank. But since the death marriage has been hard. She feels neglected, and when she gets mistaken for one of the day trippers she gamely goes along. Helen sensing her chance of escape proposes they visit France so that she can go to the funeral. And perhaps pick up some work at this Hollywood Oscar style event. Just sadder. A faded film start still needs to live. And she wants one more chance. And maybe has an ulterior motive in attending the funeral.

Hesitant at first Priscilla agrees to join her in her madcap scheme. There was a hilarious moment when one of the residents manages to drive the coach to the nearby ferry port. And miraculously they're off. Along the way they steal a car. And run out of petrol. But fortunately local celebrity Alberto, played by Franco Nero, comes driving along in his pjs. A rich Italian widower he's also game for the trip.

In France they find, and lose love. Sometimes maybe it's just 40 years too late. But this unlikely, and arthritic, Thelma and Louise pairing, eventually discover their own happiness. And the older target audience seemed to enjoy it's charms.

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