Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Logan Film Review

I caught the latest X-Men film Logan, directed by James Mangold when it opened, but I'm catching up with my reviews so sorry if it's a little late! You know the Thor YouTube posts where he has a fortune in Asgard coins. But cannot pay rent to his flatmate because he has no dollars. Don't superheroes live always in the image we last remember? How did Thor come to this? Well we find Hugh Jackman's Logan in a similar situation in the not too distant future. Driving and sleeping in his limousine, protecting it of course, because he's still sharp. But generally a drunk. And a little puffy around the edges. His body is failing to regenerate and slowly poisoning him.

On a job one day Logan is approached by a Mexican woman asking for his help, but he refuses. Saying he's not the man she's looking for. Meanwhile he is also approached by a representative of a company called Transigen. Pierce, the surgically enhanced Transigen Chief of Security, played by Boyd Holbrook, is also looking for the woman. And if Logan meets with her then to let him know. Oh and he also knows what Logan's hiding in Mexico.

And what he's hiding in Mexico is Patrick Stewart's Charles Xavier. Who after a terrible accident is being protected in a metal building. Medication is keeping him stable but he is a sad old man come to this ignoble end. Without the medication his telekinetic powers are lethal in his ageing brain. He is looked after by Caliban an albino mutant seeker. Terrifically played by Stephen Merchant. I loved his dry sense of humour.

Charles talks of a new mutant in his ramblings but as far as Logan and everyone is concerned no new mutants have been born for 25 years....

Back in the US Logan gets a text for a new driving job and it's Gabriela the Mexican lady again. She wants him to take her to North Dakota and shows him a video she made when she worked at Transigen. As a nurse she looked after children born with mutant DNA. And raised by Transigen to be a lethal fighting force. But when they grew up they didn't want to fight and so they were to be terminated. While Transigen created a new breed of fighter. One with no soul. The nurses took the children and escaped. They are trying to reach Eden in North Dakota where mutants live free. Logan is unconvinced of the trip, but money makes him agree to take her and the young girl Laura, played by Dafne Keen.

However before they can leave Gabriela is murdered by the Transigen Reavers led by Pierce. Logan races back to Mexico to escape with Charles and Caliban. But Caliban picks up traces of a stowaway in the limo.

The full force of Transigen arrive and stowaway Laura reveals her mutant DNA origins. A real wild cat. There's no going back for Logan now. With Charles and Laura on board it's a Little Miss Sunshine trip across the US to North Dakota. A journey that Logan knows is folly as there is no Eden. Just something that Gabriela read about in an X-Men comic. Taking in the sights of Las Vegas on the way in explosive style. With Caliban forced by the Reavers to track Laura every step of the way.

There's plenty of thrills, blood spills and huge sadness for this little family. Richard E. Grant is a real baddie revelling in his wickedness as boss of Transigen. It was his Daddy who turned Logan into Wolverine with his claws. It wasn't what I expected as I came out with a lump in my throat. How did the X-Men come to this? When you see it you'll understand why X marks the spot.

Not your average superhero story and talking to a guy coming out who had not seen any of the previous movies, the film can stand alone with no knowledge of the X-Men history.

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