Friday, 24 March 2017

Lindt Giant Easter Gold Bunny

I know it's a bit early for Easter but the stores are full of them at the moment. And the Lindt Giant Easter Bunny is a huge chocolate treat.

The normal Lindt bunny is 200g. This monster is 5 times that size at 1000g. So that's a whole kilo of Lindt chocolate bunny. Or 2lbs 3oz when we leave the EU!

The giant bunny was £39.99 at the Lindt store but they have all sold out. Waitrose still have them in store and online.

Lindt Giant Easter Gold Bunny. £35.00 at Waitrose.

To be honest chocolate wise it's cheaper to buy 5 regular size bunnies. But this bunny is the Bugs knees. And I've bought the Lindt Giant Chocolate reindeer at Christmas before and they are real eye openers.

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