Thursday, 2 March 2017

Five Forget Mother's Day An Enid Blyton Book For Grown-ups

Once again Bruno Vincent has reimagined Enid Blyton's Famous Five with a modern spin. His latest book sees George agonising over Mother's Day. Trying hard not to forget she's ringed the date on the wall calendar. And left herself various alerts on her phone.

Because to be fair George is not very good at remembering Mother's Day for poor longsuffering Fanny. She forgot last year. But then she also forgot Fanny's birthday. And also forgot to buy her a Christmas present. And if that wasn't bad enough she even forgot to buy her and Dad Quentin a card for their wedding anniversary.

Now I know what you're thinking. That X would be seeing the business end of a hissy fit if they had forgotten any of those. But you see Aunt Fanny. As Fanny is to Julian, Dick and Anne. Is just so good natured that she accepts these lapses in 'spiky' daughter George's memory.

But the gang are determined that this year will be different. And they all want to show Aunt Fanny how much she means to them.

What could possibly go wrong?

Five Forget Mother's Day An Enid Blyton Book For Grown-ups. £7.99 at Quercus Books.

£2.99 at Amazon. £2.99 or 2 Famous Five books for £5.00 at The Book People.

And just to remind you that in the UK Mother's Day is March 26.

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