Saturday, 25 February 2017

Comedy Central Friendsfest UK Tour 2017

We can never get enough of the Friends gang. A reunion is probably never going to happen. But be honest, don't we love them in the time warp we remember? But just to keep our caffeine level topped up, Comedy Central, the home of Friends, have answered our prayers. And announced a new Friends tour around the country for 2017.

Hang out in Joey and Chandler's. And run over for milk at Monica and Rachel's apartment. Grab a coffee in Central Perk or a drink in the Chuck and Duck Bar. Maybe recreate Ross and Rachel's wedding in the Chapel of Love. Or have a dance off at Monica's Moondance Diner.

The tour starts in July and visits Sheffield 7-16 July, Cardiff 21-30 July, Manchester 4-13 August - sorry sold out, Blenheim Palace Oxfordshire 18-27 August, Essex 1-10 September. And ending in London's Clissold Park 15-24 September.

With lots of Friends memorabilia and props from the show. It's one date with a Friend that's not to be missed.

Tickets cost £26 each at Comedy Central Friendsfest 2017.

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